About me

Dear friend, my name is Katarína Šestinová.

Before we start, here is a little warning: if you are looking for a traditional graphic designer, you have come to the wrong website.

I live in the nature, I look for places without wifi and I love working hard and getting dirty. A little bit strange, isn´t it? But let me tell you a secret. This is what gives me all the inspiration. It gives me the clean mind which can be easily connected with any project and bring the visual magic to life.

I have been designing for six years now. It´s my passion. During creating I experience moments of no time and no space. I like to try, I like to create many possibilities and choose what fits your project best. I love not to be afraid to try crazy ideas.

But... there is also but... I am not a magician... Yet.

I will need to know everything about the project, about you. Your passions and your fears. What is the best about your project and also what we need to hide. Don´t worry, I won´t tell anyone :)

If you like my story and my work, please let me know and we can create something really beautiful together.

I will do everything possible to make the best result. But as I like to say: "Design is a destiny, that is beyond our control."

Top photo was taken by amazing Mantheniel Photography

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